Small Steps

It's the little things that count. Here are some easy ways you can save energy and resources in your everyday life. Remember, It All Adds Up! 

  • Hit the light switch every time you leave a room. 

  • Get rewarded for reusing! Pick up a free Choose reUse & WIN! Sticker, download the free Cupanion app, and win prizes around campus. Find more info here!

  • Think twice before clicking the Print button. 

  • Use the automatic openers on exterior doors only when absolutely necessary.

  • Use central, shared coffee makers instead of dozens of inefficient personal units.

  • Turn heating and air conditioning systems down or off when you're not in the building.

  • Take the stairs!

  • Power down your computer when you leave for the day. 

  • Use natural daylight instead of electrical lighting when you can. 

  • Use public transit, carpool, or rideshare options for your daily commute. 

  • Ride your bike whenever possible!

  • Think twice before you throw something away. Can it be fixed, reused or upcycled?

  • Use reusable water bottles and other containers!

  •  Shop local and support community farming.