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Choose, reUse and WIN! Update

The beginning of 2018 marks the 3rd year that the Choose reUse and WIN! program through the Cupanion app will be on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.  


In case you’ve never heard of Choose, reUse and WIN! Here’s a quick summary:


Students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to earn points to win prizes simply by employing reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and other containers in their day-to-day lives.


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Guest Blogger Series #3: Glen Smith


I learned a lot about the policy behind renewable energy from this class, including the barriers that politics presents to its widespread implementation. Despite the numerous challenges presented, there was still a sense of optimism from our instructors, and I felt inspired to continue my pursuit of a career in renewable energy. The different methods of renewable implementation were interesting and gave me a new perspective on the future of renewable energy.

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Guest Blogger Series #2: Glen Smith

After discussing for a week or so, the class ended up splitting into several project groups. The group I was in was focused on the implementation of a solar installation in the nearby community. Originally, we wanted to set up a solar garden; a large installation where people in the community can subscribe and get solar energy. However, one of these would be insanely costly and not within the time scope of our class, so our rather large group split into two; one researching policy and another researching implementation.