Organics Recycling at Home

Throughout the past couple of weeks, we’ve been focused on talking about organics recycling resources and initiatives on campus and within the Twin Cities.

You may still have questions about organics recycling though. You may be wondering, what if I don’t live in a big city with a robust organics program? What if my city doesn’t process organics? Can I still collect organics?


Organics Recycling in the Twin Cities

As you may know from our last blog, the University of Minnesota has an ever-expanding Organics Recycling program on campus that was recently introduced into the residence halls. 



Organics Recycling on Campus

During the Spring 2017 semester, Minnesota Student Association (MSA) member Claudia Althoen led a pilot introducing organics recycling to the residents of Yudof Hall on the Twin Cities campus. Housing & Residential Life (HRL), Waste Recovery Services (WRS), and MSA worked together to make the effort possible. The pilot allowed Yudof residents to dispose of their food waste and other biodegradable products into compost bins rather than the trash; which is typically incinerated or sent to landfills where it increases greenhouse gas emissions.