M Dining works to eliminate food waste on campus

Much of the waste produced on campus is food or food-related. M Dining, the university dining service, seeks to mitigate some of the waste that comes with food production and consumption. It starts in the kitchen: Employees and cooks are trained to minimize waste as much as possible. This means everything from learning how to plan menus efficiently and order suitable amounts of food to cutting produce effectively.

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What is the U of M doing to curtail waste?

There are several campaigns and intiatives on the U of M campus that seek both to reduce the amount of waste we produce and to divert the waste we do create from landfills. 

Zero Waste is an initiative that seeks to decrease university waste generation and divert waste products from landfills. The ultimate goal of Zero Waste is just that - to eliminate all waste from landfills, redirecting to either recycling, compost, or reuse.

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Walk the Waste/Waist Away

The Office of Sustainability is introducing a new initiative for students and employees on campus called Swellness.


What is Swellness?