Farmers Market

2017 Farmers Market

The University of Minnesota Farmers Market is starting soon! Each year, the Market showcases a number of vendors on the McNamara Alumni Center Gateway Plaza. This year, the market will feature 24 different booths that will sell or promote their trade. Booths will sell a variety of food and products or give away various items that promote their company/brand. This year, It All Adds Up will be giving away stickers for our Choose, reUse & WIN! Program and help you make a reusable t-shirt bag depending on the week and availability of supplies.

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What is Swellness?

So what is Swellness?

To put it simply, Swellness is the intersection of sustainability and wellness- two important notions that encourage healthy behavior on behalf of those who advocate them. Not only do these healthy behaviors benefit an individual through personal wellness, but they also increase the degree of health and cleanliness for the environment around us- which is sustainability.



M Dining works to eliminate food waste on campus

Much of the waste produced on campus is food or food-related. M Dining, the university dining service, seeks to mitigate some of the waste that comes with food production and consumption. It starts in the kitchen: Employees and cooks are trained to minimize waste as much as possible. This means everything from learning how to plan menus efficiently and order suitable amounts of food to cutting produce effectively.