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Sustainable Core Principle #3: Maintaining Clean Energy

To continue our discussion on the University of Minnesota’s four core principles of sustainability, we’re talking about maintaining clean energy on campus. Clean energy initiatives are becoming more and more prevalent in daily discussions, especially here on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus. Breaking down clean energy and what it means to the university brings us one step closer to reducing our carbon footprint as a campus and as a planet. 


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Choose, reUse and WIN! Update

The number of Choose, reUse and WIN! participants is always growing, and we couldn’t be happier. This means that people are continuously committing to reducing their plastic waste on and off campus. As our platform of users evolves, so does the program! In an effort to improve and broaden their message, Cupanion, the company that runs Choose, reUse and WIN! is implementing an app change.  


For those that have never heard of Choose, reUse and WIN!, here’s a quick summary: 

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Sustainability Highlight: Open Streets

Last Sunday, September 30th, Open Streets came to the University of Minnesota campus and the Motley neighborhood. Open Streets is a community event that closes streets to car traffic and opens it up for walking, biking and more! These events give the public the opportunity to explore their neighborhood safely while also getting to know local vendors.