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Stay Sustainable During Finals Week!

Publication date: 
May 1, 2017

When all you have energy for is cramming for the next exam, everything else takes a back seat - including sustainability. But you don’t have to neglect the environment in favor of good grades. Here are 10 easy ways you can stay sustainable during finals:

  1. Caffeinate sustainably. All those long nights spent in the library or at Espresso Royale are fueled by cup after cup of coffee, and all those paper cups add up quickly. Bring a thermos or reusable mug with you to coffee shops and ask your barista to use reusable dishware instead of disposable cups.

  2. Digitize your notes. Don’t fill up pages and pages of notebook paper trying to figure out that one chemical equation. Invest in a tablet or convertible laptop to save paper, and keep all your notes organized and in one place, all while saving trees!

  3. Take advantage of Moodle. If your final papers are all due in hard copy form, ask your professor to consider allowing a drop-box method instead. Turning in papers online saves hundreds of pages, and takes up less space on your professor’s desk.

  4. Utilize daylight. While your late-night study sessions will have to be done under artificial light, take your finals week studying close to a window to take advantage of the daylight instead of using a desk lamp for hours at a time.

  5. Hydrate! Keeping hydrating improves your focus and function. Carry a reusable water bottle around with you to stay refreshed and clear-headed all week.

  6. Unplug. You’ll likely be on your laptop more often than normal this week, so charge it up and then unplug the cord once the battery is full. Even when not connected to a device, chargers left plugged into the wall suck up large amounts of energy that simply go to waste.

  7. Ride your bike! Biking to class instead of driving or taking the bus is always a good idea, but it’s especially useful during finals week. Exams don’t align with your regular routine, so don’t worry about learning irregular bus times and just bike to the exam instead. Spring is here and the weather is warm, and a quick exercise before class will get your blood pumping and improve focus before the exam, too!