Sustainable Summers


Summer is a great time of year to be sustainable! Because it is so warm, it's easy to get outside and get active. This summer, try out using alternate transportation to get to work. If you’re able to, try walking, biking, skateboarding, or rollerblading to work. Not only are these modes of transportation carbon emission-free, but they also help you get in some exercise!

Do you want to bike but don’t have one available to you?


Not a problem! It’s extremely easy to rent a bike in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area with Nice Ride! Check them out to find a bike station near you or to learn more about rental options.


Want to use an alternate mode of transportation without going on busy roads?


The Midtown Coalition has a “Greenway” that allows bicycle riders to get around Minneapolis without worrying about car traffic.


Sometimes it’s not possible to bike or walk to work. That’s okay! Explore the Twin Cities bus routes! Carpooling and using buses are more earth-friendly than everyone driving their own cars. You can plan trips and check arrival times on their website and on their “Transit MSP” app that you can download for free from the app store.


Transportation isn’t the only way that you can be sustainable this summer! After working up an appetite from your bike ride, you’re going to want to eat. Switch over to using reusable containers for your lunch. These containers work just as well as disposable ones and will be able to be used again and again. Compostable materials are also great to use instead of disposables, but reusable containers and materials are ultimately better for the planet because they reduce the need for new products.