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The Worn Wear Tour is Coming to Town!

Publication date: 
March 31, 2017

Everyone's been there: you squat down to pick something up, hear a loud rip in your favorite, best-fitting pair of jeans, and your heart sinks. Or your sleeve of your hardiest, trustiest winter jacket catches on something sharp and, to your utter infuriation, is torn viciously from your body. Your favorite shirt, which has been hanging on by a thread for years, finally disintegrates after a rough run through the dryer. Everyone knows the feeling of heartbreak that comes with having to throw away a beloved article of clothing because it is torn or damaged. And everyone knows the frustration of trying to replace that article of clothing, usually one you've had for years, with cheap, low-quality alternatives that get damaged right away and need to be replaced even faster than the original. 

Enter the Worn Wear Tour. Created by Patagonia and members of the PLAN team, the Worn Wear Tour is a travelling event that celebrates reuse, repair and sustainability. Beginning in February 2017, the Worn Wear Truck has travelled across the country repairing clothing on college campuses. On Wednesday, April 5th, the Worn Wear Tour will come to the University of Minnesota, and you too can save your favorite jeans, oldest sweater, or most beloved concert tee from the jaws of the dumpster. 

The UMN Worn Wear Tour is coordinated by It All Adds Up and will take place on the front lawn of Coffman Memorial Union on the U campus. The Worn Wear Truck will be there, of course, as well as many Twin Cities local organizations, university departments, and campus student groups, all of whom will be promoting repair and sustainability. The Worn Wear Truck will repair your Patagonia items for free, and will provide other damaged Patagonia clothing to take and DIY repair. The Hennepin County Fix-It Clinic will be there as well, assisting with Patagonia repairs and repairs of any and all other clothing, and teaching attendees how to do their own clothing repairs at home. 

Hennepin County Fix-It Tech, in conjunction with iFix-It, will have several tables where they can fix your personal electronics and household devices. There are over a dozen other participants, all of whom will have interactive activities, informational material, and promotions centered around the environment. Bring your damaged items to be repaired for free, and stick around to learn about sustainability, reuse, and the right to repair. 

In the evening, head over to the Best Buy Theater on the fourth floor of Northrop Auditorium for a sustainable fashion show competition put on by Apparel Design students from St. Kate's University and the UMN College of Design. After the fashion show will be a screening of the documentary True Cost, which outlines the human rights implications of the fast fashion industry, followed by a human rights discussion and talk by Dr. Anupama Pasricha. 

Worn Wear Tour Repair Fair:
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
Coffman Front Lawn (Great Hall rain contingency)

Worn Wear Tour Fashion Show and Film Screening:
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
Northrop Best Buy Theater