Welcome to It All Adds Up, the University of Minnesota’s sustainability campaign

Here at the U, we strive to make sustainability accessible to all students, staff, and community members

Why Sustainability?

Sustainability can and should be accessible to everyone. On campus and in our community, there are many ways to get involved. Not everyone has to join a group or go to a Climate March, but you can switch out a plastic water bottle with a reusable one. Sustainable practices are also healthy and safe! Biking and walking instead of driving keeps you healthy and decreases the amount of CO2 released into our air. The less excess CO2, the better and healthier the air quality for us. Being sustainable also saves money: and that’s important for students on a budget. Turning out your lights or refraining from blasting your AC in the summer not only helps our Earth by cutting down coal demand, but saves you every month on your bill!

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I'd love to make a difference, but what exactly is "sustainability?"

Sustainability is not a passing trend. Sustainability is the actions, behavior, and development that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Okay, but how do I make a difference?

It all adds up. Do you turn off the lights when you leave the room? What about recycling your old class notes instead of throwing them away? Bike or take the bus instead of driving? Sure, maybe these don’t seem like they can save our planet on their own. But if we all make active decisions to change the little things, we are one step closer to conserving our natural resources and ensuring a healthier, more equal, and sustainable life for all.

Latest Sustainability News

Departments, units, and student groups across campus are offering events for Earth Month! Check out the list: z.umn.edu/earthmonthevents

Climate Action Planning Town Hall event banner May 4th 2022 4-5:30pm Coffman Theater

The University of Minnesota Office of Sustainability and the Twin Cities Sustainability Committee invite you to the Climate Action Planning Town Hall, Wednesday, May 4th, 2022, 4-5:30pm at the CMU Theater. Hear from a panel of University sustainability staff, committee members, and experts, and submit questions for a Q&A. More info  Add to Google Calendar
Event recording:

Get Involved

Campus Groups

There are many  student groups on campus that work on community and campus initiatives.

Living Lab

Apply to use unused campus spaces as your own sustainable laboratory! 

Take a Class

Enroll in ESPM 3011W or SUST 4004 and work directly with our office! For more options, check out Sustainability Education.


Follow the Sustainability Walking Tour around campus!

Sustainability Tips for New and Returning Gophers

Remember the little things! Check out our list of easy ways to get started and be a more sustainable Gopher every day.

Promote Sustainability

Order free sustainability posters and stickers that can decorate your office, res hall, or classroom!

Learn More

Read up on our past reports and commitments as the Office of Sustainability.

Sustainability Scholarships

The Ecolab Experiential Education Scholarships are awarded to undergraduates to participate in learning abroad courses, unpaid internships, and student-initiated leadership projects.